Smashed It Mate

If you’re anything like me, aside from sometimes muttering “lumos” when you turn a light on, you will at some point have decided to cut down your carbohydrate intake, in an effort to be healthier. And again, if you’re anything like me, aside from muttering “nox” when you turn the light off, you will have mostly filled the carb-void with sweet potato, because it is DELICIOUS.

Just ask the restaurant industry – is there a burger and chips establishment left who hasn’t put sweet potato fries on their menu? No, they all serve them now. GBK serves them with baconnaise and I lap it up.

So, i’m just saying, that over the next year (or however long I have the motivation to do this) you will see sweet potato featuring heavily in my cooking. This is officially the first of many sweet potato recipes.

On a side note, I can only apologise for using store-bought pesto. It’s not seasonal, it’s not home-made – shame on me. I sold out. But it’s only because I really really really couldn’t be bothered to make my own. Does that make it better, no. Does it make it understandable, ah yes.

Have a wee look!

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