We couldn’t let it go. After our previous apocalypse episode we realised how much we didn’t cover: monster movies, dystopian thrillers, alien sci-fi, etcetera. All begging the question – what would you do if that happened?? So we kept talking. 

This Is A Good Day

A completely raw, unfiltered, unedited 35 minutes of recording. Listen to us as our truest selves, when our equipment malfunctions, and we blabber on, annoyed and unsure whether anything is even recording.   This is the episode that never should have been. . . 

Travel Horrors – pt.2

Here we go again. Last time we heard how Imogen got into a stranger’s truck in Italy, and Charlotte watched an old man digging her grave in his garden. . . Couldn’t possibly get worse, could it?


Be it zombies, aliens, natural disasters – everyone loves this hypothetical. What on earth would you do, on Earth, if Earth as we know it, came to an end? Our digressions reach end-of-the-world proportions in this one, so hunker down and get ready.


How creative did you get over lockdown? We know the usual ones like gardening and DIY, but what are some of the weirder pastimes people took up to pass the long stretch of nothingness that was 2020? Let us tell you what we did. Or better yet, let us tell you what we failed at.  

Travel Horrors – pt.1

Travelling, globetrotting, holidaying, going abroading – however you want to put it – is fabulous. Fulfilling and rewarding and yarda yarda yarda.  But on the flip side, if you’re somewhere new and unfamiliar and suddenly something goes wrong. . .it can quickly turn from cute selfie snaps on the beach, to panicked phone calls to Read More


Musicals are like avocados; perfect ones are rare, unbelievable to behold, and make you want to consume them all day long. Good ones can be a little squiffy round the edges but still a delightful treat, meanwhile terrible ones simply make you want to vomit.    

Nasty Way to Go

Survival of the fittest. . .or smartest? We discuss people who’s stupidity has taken them over the edge, and right off the mortal coil. But with people like this, our sympathy is limited. . . 

Pancake Day 2021!

Flip em, stack em, fill em with some duck, whatever you do with your pancakes, come and indulge with us as we talk about how various countries celebrate Shrove Tuesday!